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    The valuable nutrients of the whole grain and the wealth of vitamins in the germ are all only present in freshly ground flour. With hawo's grain mill you can produce your own whole grain flour whenever you need it. Wonderful flavor and all the benefits that freshly milled flour offers in terms of health and physical well-being are reason enough to invest in a quality mill.

    Hawo's grain mills are products with a long lifetime. They are the result of many years experience in mill construction. The millwrights' wealth of ideas has been combined with a great deal of practical knowledge. hawo's never sacrifice quality just to lower prices - for a grain mill designed to last, that really would be a false economy. The modular assembly of hawo's mills also contributes to protecting the environment because a hawo's mill is not some disposable product that has to be thrown out as soon as the first part breaks down. hawo's mills are built to last a lifetime.
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A Grain Mill Worth Your Money
Important criteria to consider when purchasing a grain mill

Operating life: Long! a typical hawo's story: A fourteen-year-old mill is sent in for checking. It is cleaned, tested, and then sent straight back to the owner for further years of service.

Demand: The grinding capacity should be a little higher than your original estimate as your demand for freshly ground flour is likely to increase!

Modular construction: Can you take your mill apart, if necessary, and replace parts? Or will you have to throw it away as soon as the first problems arise?

Timeless design: A good mill will work for many, many years. It should be designed to remain visually appealing throughout its lifetime.

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